Park District Staff Presents Proposed Improvements to Flick Park

Residents’ Feedback Calls for Alternative Location for Additional Pickleball Courts

More than 60 community members attended the Park and Facility Services and Environmental Committee of the Whole meeting held on Thursday, November 16 at 6 p.m. The meeting’s sole agenda item was a presentation and discussion of planned improvements to Flick Park. The improvements were based on community feedback and included renovated baseball fields and a renovated basketball court, playground renovation, walking path improvements, fitness stations, a landscaping berm, new stairs and access to the sled hill, and drainage improvements, in addition to the proposed eight new pickleball courts in Flick Park.

Most residents who provided public comment were not against pickleball as a sport, but wanted the Park District to consider locations other than Flick Park for additional pickleball courts. Residents raised other concerns that the additional pickleball courts may impact parking, stormwater and drainage, and, most notably, noise from pickleball play.

Residents who wanted more pickleball courts also spoke about the need for increased play opportunities whether they be built at Flick or other parks. Since the adoption of the 10-year Comprehensive Master Plan (January 2018) and completion of a recent Field and Court Assessment, the District is committed to addressing the increased demand and growth of pickleball.

“I was impressed by the conduct of the residents who attended the meeting and offered their opinions in a passionate yet civilized manner,” commented Park Board Commissioner Jen Roberts. “The meeting was a great model for what public discourse should look like. We all want what is best for our neighbors and the Glenview community.”

At the meeting’s conclusion, the Park Board of Commissioners directed Park District staff to pause consideration for new pickleball courts at Flick Park and explore alternative locations for the new pickleball courts. Staff will need time to consider options and find creative solutions to address community needs. The Park District anticipates that a review of alternative considerations will be presented in early 2023 at a Parks and Facility Services and Environmental Committee, with date to be determined.

“Park District staff will continue to explore alternative locations for the additional pickleball courts, based on the direction provided by our Board of Commissioners,” said Michael McCarty, Executive Director of the Glenview Park District. “I am confident that we can find a solution that will support the growing number of pickleball players in our community while also respecting the neighbors of Flick Park. As some residents stated tonight, we are looking for the “win-win scenario.”

Links to the November 16 Park and Facilities Services and Environmental Committee meeting presentation are below, as well as links to the sound study, parking study, and an FAQ about the planned Flick Park improvements that were referenced during the meeting on November 16. For information about upcoming board and committee meetings, please visit

Flick Park Improvement Presentation 11.16.22
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