frequently asked questions

how to obtain a household number

Program registration may be done in-person or online at To use our online registration system, you must know your Household Number. Visit our online Registration “Welcome” page and select Forgot Account Number to receive an email with your Household Number if you do not know it. You may also email or call 847 724 5670 with any questions.

If we currently do not have your information in our database and you would like to register for a program online, please email with your full address, phone number, email, and all the names and full dates of birth you and/or all of your immediate family members living within the same household so we may create your account and issue a Household Number for online use.

Residents: You will need to provide proof of residency the first time you set up an account with us. Please scan or take a picture of one of the following documents and include it with your email to We accept one of the following as a valid proof of residency: a house purchase contract or apartment lease, a current utility or real estate tax bill, or a homeowners or rental insurance policy.

Read “Who Is A Park District Resident” and see a map of park district general boundary guidelines to determine if you qualify for resident rates.

Nonresidents: please email with your full address, phone number, email, and all the names and full dates of birth for your/all of your immediate family members so we may create your account and issue a Household Number for online use.

registering for programs

For your convenience, we offer a number of ways to register for programs.  For The Grove, Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie, Historic Wagner Farm and Park Center programs as well as select Glenview Ice Center, Glenview Tennis Club, Glenview Park Golf Club, and Glenview Prairie Club  programs you may register:

  • Online at
  • Online from our digital brochures
  • In person at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave., M-F 10am-6pm, Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. Virtual Help Desk 10am-6pm
  • By mailing a completed *registration form to Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave., Suite P, Glenview, Il 60026
  • By faxing a completed *registration form to 847-657-6231

Because many of the programs at the Glenview Ice Center , Glenview Tennis Club, Glenview Park Golf Club and Glenview Prairie Club are progressive in nature and require pre-qualification/pre-requisites, registration may take place only at the facility at which they are held. (See individual program descriptions in our print and digital brochures for registration instructions.)

*Printable registration forms are available on our District Forms page.

Can I register by phone?

The Glenview Park District does not accept phone-in registration.

May I register for a friend?

Yes.  To register for a friend in-person,  you will need  your friend’s  completed registration form on which the Waiver and Release of All Claims and Assumption of Risk has been signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Please, only one additional form per person when registering in person — thank you!

How does the Online Registration System work?

Our online registration system is fast and easy.  You can access it from our website – or from one of our digital brochures.  First, to log in you will need to use your Household Number which can be found on the upper left of your registration receipt. If you do not know your Household Number but have registered for a park district program within the last three years, click the Forgot Account Number link on the online registration log in  page and you will  receive an e-mail with your Household Number.  If you have never registered for a park district program before or have changed your residency within the Glenview Park District boundaries, you will need to submit a paper registration form along with a copy of one of the following documents as proof of residency in order to receive resident rates: a house purchase contract or apartment lease, a current utility or real estate tax bill, or a homeowners or rental insurance policy. Be sure to include your e-mail address when filling out the paper registration form.

Do I get preference in registering if I am a resident?

There is an 11-day Resident Priority Registration window for most programs at the beginning of each seasonal registration period. Currently, registration periods are monthly during the COVID pandemic so the resident preference period is much shorter in length. With the exception of Glenview Ice Center and Glenview Tennis Club programs, nonresidents may pay a higher fee for programs which is usually 25% higher.

How do I know if I am a Glenview Park District resident?

A resident is defined as any property owner or tenant (and members of their household) whose primary residence is located within the boundaries of the Glenview Park District. Individual property owners (either commercial or residential) will also be considered residents regardless of whether they reside inside or outside the boundaries of the Glenview Park District. Your real estate bill shows whether you are a Glenview Park District resident. You may also click here to view a park district boundary map. If you have questions regarding residency, call 847 724 5670.

Who is considered to be a Resident Household Member?

Resident Household Members are any immediate family member of a Glenview Park District resident whose primary residence is located within the boundaries of the Glenview Park District.

Who do I contact about billing and/or refunds?

Julie Christoffel is happy to answer your billing questions and can be reached at or by calling 224 521 2274.

Can I check class availability online?

Yes. Enter our online registration system by clicking here. Use the Search function to find the class you want. Class status (Open, Waitlist, etc.) for each program section is shown at the far right.

How do I find out if I am in a class?

If you are registering online, the program status column on the far right will show if a section is still open, full or if there is a wait list.  If the section is open and you register, you will be able to print a receipt as verification that you are indeed enrolled in the class.   If you are registering in person, you will be given the choice of a paper or e-mailed receipt at the time of registration. If you mail/fax your registration, your receipt will be e-mailed or mailed to you. If you are placed on a wait list, the initial receipt will show that you are on the wait list. You will receive an updated receipt only if you have been placed in the class. In the event your program is cancelled, you will be notified and your program fee will be refunded.

If you did not receive or have misplaced your confirmation, you can call Park Center at 847 724 5670 to ask about your class enrollment. You may also log in to our online registration system using your household number and last name, click on “My Account” and then click on “My History” for your household enrollment information and enrollment status.

To be placed on a wait list for Glenview Tennis Club programs call the club at 847 724 1570.

What are the policies concerning going on a waiting list?

You may only be added to a wait list section if you have not been accepted into another section of that same class. Once you have been accommodated into a section of the program, you may not maintain a waiting list spot on any other section for that same program.

You may be placed on a maximum of one waiting list section of any program. To be added to a waiting list, a program registration form must be completed and the program fee paid in full. You may not be added to a waiting list by phone call or handwritten note. The position on the waiting list is based upon when the registration form is processed by the District.

If after two meetings of the program, you have not been accommodated into the program, your payment will be refunded in full.

Do I have to pay even if I’m on a waiting list?

Yes. By paying the class fee to be placed on the waiting list, you will be offered a spot in the class as soon as a spot is available and be able to start attending class immediately. You will receive a refund if you have not been admitted to the class after the second class meeting.  If you wish to request a second choice, you must use a paper registration form. You can download a copy of the registration form from the district forms page of this website and either mail or fax in your completed form.

Can I transfer from one class to another?

You may transfer to another class up to 24 hours after the first class meeting. This timetable provides the flexibility for you to try a class and helps us assess changes in class availability before too many classes have occurred.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The Glenview Park District accepts cash, checks, Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card and the Glenview Park District gift card. If paying by check, the checks should be made payable to Glenview Park District. A $20 processing fee is charged for returned checks.

What is the Glenview Park District refund policy?

Refunds will be granted up to 24 hours after the first class meeting.  A 10% cancellation charge of the total fee per program will be assessed, minimum amount assessed $5 and a maximum amount of $15 per program. After this time, no refunds will be granted except for medical purposes or change in residence (proof required) and there will be a pro-rated refund based upon number of classes held. These regulations apply to recreation and instructional programs throughout the park district. They do not apply to Summer Camp and Clinic Programs, daily admissions, memberships, rentals, trips, specialized services, continuing skill programs or programs such as Park Center Preschool. These services have specific policies as part of the information provided to the participant at the point of registration.

To request a refund, you may call 847 724 5670 or fill out a refund form which must be returned in person to Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave. For your convenience, you may download a refund form from the District Forms page of this website. Your refund is not guaranteed until your refund request has been reviewed to determine refund eligibility and approved by the program supervisor. Allow two weeks to receive your refund. Refunds will be issued net of any outstanding balances owed by you to the park district. If there is no outstanding balance, the refund will be made by check or credit card based upon the method of payment used at the time of registration. No refund checks issued under $2.00.

What if I get hurt while participating in a program?

The park district does not carry medical or accident insurance for program participants.

Why do I need to sign Waiver & Release Forms?

The Glenview Park District is a member of a risk management agency for insurance coverage that requires all adult participants over age 18 or parents/guardians of participants under 18 to sign a Release of All Claims and Assumption of Risk Waiver in order to be enrolled in a park district program. The park district does not carry medical or accident insurance for program participants.

What is the Photo Release?

Photos and videos are periodically taken of people participating in Park District programs and activities. All persons registering for Park District programs/activities or using Park District property thereby agree that any photograph or videotape taken by the Park District may be used by the Park District for promotional purposes including its electronic media, videotapes, brochures, flyers and other publications without additional prior notice or permission and without compensation to the participant.

What is the Recreation Leisureship (Scholarship) program?

Provided by a partnership between the Glenview Park District and Glenview Youth Services, recreation leisureships are available throughout the year to those families who find it difficult or otherwise impossible to register their children for park district programs due to financial constraints. Types of leisureships offered include:

  • Payment Plans which allow participants to spread the payment of a program fee over a period of time
  • Partial Leisureships which allow participants to pay a reduced fee for a program

The type of leisureship granted will be determined on an individual basis according to need. To receive more information or apply for a recreation leisureship call Alison Frye of Glenview Youth Services at 847-724-2620. Leisureship applications, park district brochures and program registration forms are available at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave., or Glenview Youth Services, 3080 W. Lake Ave. You may also download a copy of the program registration form or leisureship application from our District Forms page.

Applications for leisureships must be returned, along with a completed registration form, to the Glenview Youth Services office at 3080 West Lake Ave.

Donations from local businesses and Glenview residents make this program possible. A special thank you to The Glenview Park Foundation, Glenview Bank & Trustand Ulta-Lit Tree Company for their generous financial contributions to this program.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support the leisureship program, please send a check payable to Glenview Park District to: Glenview Park District Youth Leisureship Fund, 1930 Prairie Street, Glenview, IL 60025.