established in 1927

The Glenview Park District is its own governing entity, separate from the Village of Glenview. Through cooperative efforts with other governmental bodies and community organizations, the Park District has been able to successfully meet the recreation and open space needs of the community for nearly 100 years.

The Glenview Park District is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners who are elected by voters residing within the district. These dedicated individuals come from a variety of backgrounds, serve without compensation, and are directly responsible to the electorate. Each Glenview Park District Board Commissioner serves a six-year term. In addition to the seven elected officials, the board has appointed District Attorney Derke Price (2020) and District Treasurer Laura Price (2022) as advisors and non-voting members on the board.

Regularly scheduled meetings of the Glenview Park District Board of Commissioners are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Avenue, unless otherwise noted. Meeting dates are subject to change by action of the Board of Commissioners. Special or emergency meetings may be scheduled in addition to regular meetings. Notice of these meetings will be posted on our Board Meetings Portal and in the lobbies of park district facilities and sent to local news media. Agendas will be posted 48 hours prior to meetings, as required by the State of Illinois Open Meetings Act.

In addition to full Board Meetings, the Board of Commissioners has several smaller committees that meet each month to discuss focus areas within the Park District. Meeting dates, agendas and minutes are all posted to our Board Meetings Portal. See what’s been top of mind at the recent board meetings and where your representatives are focused next!

Each Glenview Park District Board Commissioner serves a six-year term. Elections to fill two or three of the seven positions are held every two years during a Consolidated Election. Any resident of the Glenview Park District who meets the requirements set forth by the Cook County Board of elections is eligible to run for a seat on the park board. The links below provide more information on who is elligible and what is required to run for Park Board in April 2023.

The Glenview Park District works to keep its operations transparent to the public through compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Accordingly, the information below provides a brief overview of the park district and procedures for inspecting and copying records as well as a suggested Request for Records form and fee schedule for copies of records and reports.

For a complete overview of the Glenview Park District and procedures for inspecting and copying records, click here.

For a suggested Freedom of Information Act records request form and fee schedule for copies, click here.

The Glenview Park District opens bidding to respectable and honorable companies and corporations and reviews each bid thoroughly before making vendor decisions. All open bids are posted to the website along with the results and vendor selections from past bids.

Cathy Basic


Member Since 2021 (term expires April 2027)

William Casey

Vice President

Member since 2003 (term expires April 2027)

Jen Adams


Member since 2023 (term expires April 2029)

Dave Dillon


Member Since 2015 (term expires April 2027)

Joseph Sullivan


Member since 2019 (term expires April 2025)

Dave Tosh


Member since 2013 (term expires April 2025)

Kimberly Vazquez


Member since 2023 (term expires April 2029)

financial information

Fiscal responsibility is a guiding principle of The Glenview Park District. Only about half of the Park District’s operating revenue comes from residential property taxes, while the remaining funding comes from user fees, grants and donations.

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The Glenview Park District maintains this website to keep the community and patrons informed about the Park District’s many special events and program offerings, projects and initiatives, financial and strategic planning reporting, and the many ways the Park Board is working for them. A current and archived file of background meeting material for Park Board monthly meetings is available on the homepage in the Community portal. For further information on upcoming park district events and programs, residents can also subscribe to the park district’s e-newsletter or follow the park district on social media. Click the icons found at the top left of this page to find us on social media.

In addition, the Glenview Park District produces a seasonal program guide which is available digitally on our homepage and on the program guides page. There are also bulletin boards at each park district facility to alert the public to upcoming events.

The public can write the park district at 1930 Prairie St. or send email inquiries to The public is also invited to attend the monthly Park Board meetings. Anyone interested in making comments or asking questions at a regular Park Board or Park Board Committee meeting should sign a comment card, available at each meeting, and indicate that you would like to speak or have your comment read. 

Any agenda items for which there are public comment cards will first be addressed by the Board and the public called on following Commissioner discussion. Once all public comments have been addressed, the discussion will return to the Commissioner level for any additional discussion, motion adjustment and formal action.

While the Park Board values the opportunity to hear and consider public comments, it does not usually respond to audience comments at its meetings. A question or request may be accepted and answered at a later meeting, and if so, the individual or organization initiating the question or request will be notified of the date and time of the meeting. In some cases, the District administration will follow up with answers to public comments either via email or a phone call.

Park Board and committee meeting agendas are posted to the Community portal 48 hours prior to the start of these meetings in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. A “Meeting Highlights” summary report of actions taken at a Park Board montly meeting is produced as soon as possible following the meeting. These Highlights along with Park Board and Committee meeting agendas and approved minutes are also accessible though our Community portal.