What constitutes a park district resident?

who is considered a park district resident?

Residents of the Glenview Park District are any property owners or tenants and their immediate family members whose primary residence is located within the boundaries of the Glenview Park District.

Individual property owners (either commercial or residential) who contribute financial support to the park district through taxes will also be considered residents regardless of whether they reside inside or outside the boundaries of the Glenview Park District. Your real estate tax bill gives verification of your park district.

Anyone with a signed purchase contract for a home or a signed lease showing they will reside in the park district when the program they are registering for begins may participate in the resident lottery for that program.

If you have never registered for a park district program before, you must submit a paper registration form along with a copy of one of the following documents as proof or residency in order to receive resident rates: a house purchase contract or apartment lease, a current utility or real estate tax bill, or a homeowners or rental insurance policy.

During the COVID-19 pandemic program registration may only be done online at To use our online registration system, you must know your Household Number. Visit our online Registration “Welcome” page and select Forgot Account Number to receive an email with your Household Number if you do not know it. You may also email or call 847 724 5670 with any questions.

park district boundaries

Recently annexed areas are show in dark blue. They include 1) Overland Pass, Pleasant Run, Westview, Linden Tree and Alley Lane, located on the west side of Landwehr Road adjacent to the Glenview Ice Center and just north of The Grove; and 2) The area located east of Milwaukee, including includes Salem Walk.