swim lessons

The Glenview Park District offers a nationally-recognized swim instruction curriculum developed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute. This includes a variety of group and private lessons for all swimming abilities and ages.

Classes will focus on mastering specific skills while progressing through each level (scroll down to see all level descriptions and benchmark skills). On the first day of class, swimmers will be evaluated and divided into small groups based on their skills. Ratios will vary based on level, ability and behavior of class.

Swimmers will advance to the next level once they complete the benchmark skills. Throughout the session, staff will continue to evaluate each swimmer’s skills and progression. Swimmers may be moved into a different level or location. Each swimmer’s individual progression and comfort level will be considered to provide the best environment for all participants.

StarTots: 6 months – 23 months + adult
Starfish Swim School® for Preschoolers: 3-5 years
Starfish Swim School® for Youth: 6-12 years
Stroke School*: for students 6-12 years who have passed the Level 3 stage of Starfish Swim School Youth or equivalent.

* New to the program and think your swimmer is ready for Stroke School? We recommend you register for Starfish Swim School for youth and include a note that you think they are prepared for stroke. Staff will evaluate and place at an appropriate level on the first day of class.

Private lessons are great for new swimmers, kids who hope to make the swim team, or adults trying to get back into shape! All swim instructors are certified by Starfish Aquatics Institute and undergo regular training. Many of our swim instructors have years of competitive swim experience and are excellent teachers. Private Lessons are only for one individual; we do not offer semi-private lessons.

  • Our experienced instructors will customize their teaching styles to meet your swim lesson needs.
  • All private lessons are 30 minutes long.
  • Our swim instructors’ availability and biographies are listed online for you to book at your convenience.

Get 5, SAVE 10%

Private lessons do not need to be scheduled at the time of purchase, but must be booked within 3 months of purchase date. This promo­tion is nonrefundable and final sale. Anyone in your household is able to use the 5 lessons. You may purchase more than one package at a time.

Private Lesson Package




When you are ready to schedule the private lesson, you will select the swim instruc­tor, date and time as normal. In your shopping cart, you will notice “Apply Coupon/Gift Certificate/Punch Payment/Reward” and select “Apply” and proceed to checkout. Make sure you then select “Continue” to initiate the payment authorization process and generate a confirmation receipt.

No makeups or refunds for classes that are missed outside of cancelled classes by the Park District.

If the weather is questionable, please call the swim lesson hotline at 847-724-3337 for cancellation information, no more than one hour prior to the start of your class. The decision will be made based off of the following:

  • If lightning and/or thunder is in the area and/or the Strike Guard Lightning Detection System issues a warning before class or within the first 15 minutes of class.
  • The air temperature is below 65 degree.

Swim lessons will continue as normal through light rain. If a class is cancelled due to the reasons above, a makeup class will be scheduled. Refunds and alternative dates will not be offered for the makeup class. If, for some reason, a makeup class is not able to be offered by the Glenview Park District, a credit for that class will be issued to your park district account. If the Strike Guard Lightning Detection System goes off 15 minutes or more into the class, no makeup or credit will be offered.

starfish swim school®

programs available for preschoolers 3-5 years or youth 6-12 years

Level 1 swimmers will be introduced to basic swim skills. Instructors will focus on trust, submersion and air recovery body position. To graduate this level, swimmers must be able to jump in, submerge, come up and take a breath, roll on their back and float for 5 seconds.


Level 2 swimmers will continue working on their air recovery and body position. The main focus of Level 2 is forward movement and direction change. To graduate this level, swimmers must completely jump in, come up for air, kick and pull forward 10 feet on their front and back, change direction and return to their side independently.


Level 3 swimmers will focus on forward and rotary movement with an introduction of 1-2-3 breathing. To graduate this level, swimmers must jump in and recover to side glide and be able to swim freestyle 10 feet.

stroke school

programs available for youth 6-12 years who have passed the Level 3 stage of Starfish Swim School Youth or equivalent.

Level 1 swimmers will be challenged to build endurance and improve their integrated movement. To graduate this level, swimmers must be able to start in side glide, swim overarm pulls with kick 30 feet with 1-2-3 breathe pattern.


Level 2 swimmers will learn and refine freestyle and backstroke with an introduction of open and flip turns. To graduate this level, swimmers must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke at least 25 yards (1 length) demonstrating strong endurance and good form.


Level 3 swimmers will learn and refine butterfly and breaststroke, plus develop an understanding of basic training principles in preparation for swim team. To graduate this level, swimmers must be able to swim butterfly and breaststroke at least 25 yards (1 length) with good form and endurance.