Judy Beck Grant Awarded to Six Recipients

Six projects will receive funding through the second annual Judy Beck Grant program, totaling $12,250. The Beck Family Foundation received 13 applications with diverse and innovative project ideas. The program was created to honor Judy Beck’s environmental legacy in Glenview and 32-year service as park board commissioner. The Judy Beck annual grant is intended to help support generations of new conservation leaders to continue the great work and legacy of building and strengthening our local communities.

The grant program is available to non-profit groups or individuals with projects focusing on environmental conservation, sustainability, community engagement or youth development. The 2022 cycle of the Judy Beck Grant was generously funded by the Beck, Hurvis, and Straus Families. According to the Beck Family Foundation, all of the grant recipients were developing projects that would have inspired Judy. All of these projects will make an impact on the community. Here are the high-level details about each recipient’s project:

Tree-Plenish in the Glenview Community

The Planet Green Environmental Club at Glenbrook South is participating in the Tree-Plenish curriculum that engages students in citizen science. After learning about native species and selecting saplings appropriate for our community, students will hold an event with the goal of planting 500 trees. This goal is based on the number of trees that need to be planted to offset the high school’s paper usage.

Prairie Fest

This event is designed to showcase the Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie during its peak time – July and August. This community-focused event will feature a variety of programming, with a focus on sustainability and conservation.

Prairie Grass Restoration and Monarch Butterfly Waystation Garden

The goal for this project is to maintain and enhance the native prairie gardens and butterfly gardens at Willowbrook and Wescott Schools, and to provide seeds for future plans and habitats for endangered insect species such as monarch Butterflies. Students will assist with planting and visit the garden regularly to enhance the schools’ life science and conservation curriculum.

Community Sewing Bee

Structured as a traditional sewing bee, this volunteer program is designed to teach community members about sewing history and techniques, while providing an opportunity to get involved in The Grove’s history programs through creative production of historically accurate period wear.

Dig It! The Secrets of Soil

This project brings a Smithsonian exhibit to Glenview! This five-year visiting exhibit will reinforce soil education and the importance of conserving our natural resources through education and hands-on experiments.

Restoration Kids Program & Volunteer Program Enhancements

This project aims to develop a volunteer program that engages children in age-appropriate restoration projects, provide programming focused on biodiversity and surveying, and expand surveying efforts to allow for a more comprehensive view of The Grove’s biodiversity in an effort to contribute to larger biodiversity projects.