a bumpin’ good time!

Hop in and join us for a ride in our on-ice bumper cars all year long! Public rides are available for pre-registration online. Walk-in registration is permitted if space allows. Rides will be available weekly during Friday night public skates. Additional rides will be available over holiday breaks and days off school. Private rentals and birthday parties are available; please click here to navigate to our birthday party information page.

Ride Time Price

15 minutes


20 minutes


15 minutes

Price $8

20 minutes

Price $12

Keep an eye out for holiday specials including discounted $5 bumper car rides November through December!

Each bumper car has a motor that controls and turns the wheels underneath. The wheels are specially-designed to move around on ice, with traction that is gentle to the ice surface, while riders can slide and bump into one another. The outer ring on the car is made of a PVC air tube that protects the car frame and absorbs impact of bumping cars.

  • Rides start every 30 minutes but arrive and check-in 5 minutes before your scheduled ride in the designated bumper car loading area for a safety briefing and instructions. The loading area will be on the players benches on the west side of the Studio Rink prior to taking the ice at the far Zamboni doors.
  • Riders will be brought out to the cars for the start of the session with their scheduled group – please wait in line and the attendant will direct you to your bumper car.
  • To get into bumper car: there is a scooped area between the front of the car and the joysticks. Sit at the top of the scoop (bottom facing into car) and slide into the seat.
  • When the ride is over, drive your car back to the rink wall or ask an attendant for help returning the car.
  • Remain in your seat until all cars are returned to the wall. An attendant will help you out of your car if you need assistance.

Driving and controlling the bumper car is easy! Each car has two joysticks, one on each side of the driver’s seat, allowing the rider to steer the car forward, backward, left and right. Moving the sticks in opposite direction adds to the fun, allowing drivers to spin. Letting go of the joysticks brings the car to a complete stop.

Rider Requirements and Rules

  • Drivers must be 6 years or older and at least 48 inches tall and under 300 lbs
  • Riders must wear flat, closed-toe-shoes – flip flops, sandals and heeled shoes are prohibited
  • Whenever the bumper car is on (indicated by the lights on the car being on), remain seated
  • Sign a waiver; children under 18 years require a parent or guardian’s signature
  • Feet, hands, arms, must remain within the boundaries of the bumper car at all times
  • Secure any personal belongings prior to the ride
  • Follow announcements and obey staff instructions
  • For the safety of all participants, all guidelines must be followed in order to ride. No refunds will be offered for missed time slot or failure to follow above rules.

Not Permitted

  • Children or objects on driver’s lap
  • Use of mobile phones or cameras during the ride
  • Never use your hand, foot, or any part of your body to collide or bump into another bumper car
  • Riders under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Riders who have a medical condition that could be aggravated as a result of the ride
  • Riders who are pregnant

Please Be Aware

  • You are welcome to bump other cars, but do not bump into the walls of the rink
  • Accommodation of late arrivals is at the discretion of the operator, and may not be possible
  • Staff reserves the right to ask any rider to leave the ice for disobeying rules, endangering themselves or others

Riders pre-registering online adhere to our waiver during the online registration process. If walk in space is available, walk-in riders must sign a participation waiver. Riders between the ages of 6-17 will need a parent/guardian to sign their waiver prior to their ride. If you or a rider are planning to walk-in for bumper cars, please print and sign the waiver here and bring to the rink for your ride. Waivers are available at the front desk but a parent must sign for a minor.