potential ice center project update

A feasibility study for a community ice center was completed and presented to the Park District Board of Commissioners by Williams Architects at the April 27, 2019 board meeting.

The study explored community demand, the regional market and possible options for an expanded or new community ice center. The 44-year-old facility is under review as operational costs increase due to aging infrastructure. Current capacity limitations prevent program and revenue growth. Williams Architects recommended 2.5 sheets of ice, which could capitalize on the demand for prime-time ice and allow expansion of program offerings. Two design considerations were presented: renovation and expansion of the current facility and building a new facility.

On July 27, the park board voted to embark on a comprehensive public information program to gather additional feedback from the community on addressing the district’s highest priority capital projects. These projects include the community ice center, site improvements for The Grove, site improvements to Sleepy Hollow Park and future purchases of open space.

public information program

The public information program is led by George K. Baum & Company, a firm with a proven track record in engaging local communities in public policy decisions. The process includes engaging a 28-member Citizen Task Force, multiple community information meetings, a mail survey and other public outreach efforts. Click here for more information on all the proposed projects and the public information program. 

The park board has also approved a contract for continuing services with Williams Architects. As a second phase of concept design, Williams Architects will facilitate additional public meetings and focus groups to solicit input for the design of an expanded or new community ice center. This work will include a market impact study, assessment and recommendation for programming, and conceptual design renderings.

Following all community input, the park district board of commissioners will decide whether to pursue the proposed capital projects.