Concept Drawings for Proposed Avoca Park

In 2021, the Park Board approved the purchase of a 1.1-acre parcel of land from Avoca School District.

The development of a park will protect more than 60 trees that are on the land. An assessment of the trees showed 18 different species. Eleven oak trees are estimated to be older than the park district itself, ranging from 100 to 150 years old!

The proposed neighborhood park would not only further beautify the Glenview community, but will also offer physical and mental health benefits to surrounding neighbors and visitors. Additionally, Avoca West Elementary would use the space for extended learning opportunities for students.

We believe this project would be a strong submission for an Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development grant. The proposed plan would have a target project completion date in the fiscal year 2024-2025.


  • Proposed Item A

    Park signage and round rail wood fence

  • Proposed Item B

    Reclaimed wood post entry

  • Proposed Item C

    Sensory play space

  • Proposed Item D

    Woodland/ground-level planting

  • Proposed Item E

    Understory planting screen

  • Proposed Item F

    Nature-themed playground with PIP rubber

  • Proposed Item G

    Boulder council ring

  • Proposed Item H

    Bean bag toss games

  • Proposed Item I

    16′ by 16′ open air shelter

Avoca Nature Play Playground

Playground Concept 1

  • 2-5 age structure w/ elevated treehouse with roof, double slide, and interactive sensory panels
  • 5-12 age structure with open net bridge, net and corkscrew climbers, multi-levels tower and straight and curvy slides
  • Balance Parkour course connected to 5-12 structure, group net spinner, mini-hammock, and slap drums

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Playground Concept 2

  • 2-5 age structure with lower, multilevel decks (no roof) and interactive loose parts play and tactile play panels
  • 5-12 age structure with jungle rope bridge, corkscrew climber, overhead bars, and stepper and pod climber
  • In-ground merry go round, two mini hammocks, and slap drums

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