2023 Judy Beck Grant Projects Recap

This past year, eight projects received a total of $12,890 in funding through the third annual Judy Beck Grant program, honoring the late Judy Beck’s environmental legacy and 32-year service as a park board commissioner in Glenview. Below are the details about each project.

Greener Glenview: Hidden in Plain Sight- How Noise, Artificial Light and Traffic Impact the Environment and Human Health

The Hidden in Plain Sight project aimed to inform ​​community members how pollutants such as noise, artificial light, and traffic can impact their daily lives. Greener Glenview sponsored three library programs, one on each topic, which included knowledgeable public speakers. Funding was provided for videography and printing for program promotions. Greener Glenview remains steadfast in its commitment to educating the public on these critical issues.

Greener Glenview: Launch of Natural Habitat Glenview

Another project by Greener Glenview was the launch of the Natural Habitat Glenview project. Through education and collaboration, Greener Glenview planned to support individual properties in becoming Certified Wildlife Habitats through the National Wildlife Federation, with the ultimate goal of Glenview being named the second Illinois municipality to achieve certification as a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat. The Judy Beck Grant funding helped launch the project and its marketing tactics. This project is ongoing, and it can take up to several years to receive certification. However, sustainable progress has been made as Greener Glenview ran events, presentations, and collaborations throughout the year. The project’s multifaceted approach and ongoing initiatives position it for continued success and impact in Glenview.

Historic Wagner Farm/TrueNorth Educational Cooperative: Bee Keeping Expansion

This project was created to expand Historic Wagner Farm’s beekeeping operation, allowing for more visitors to assist with and learn about the beekeeping process. Thanks to the funding from this grant, Historic Wagner Farm acquired essential resources such as bees, beekeeping tools, and a honey extractor, enabling the expansion of bee colonies and the efficient extraction of honey. Increased involvement of 4-H members, college interns, and volunteers has provided an educational opportunity for the community and a crucial support to the success of the program, while the addition of more bee suits has allowed a greater number of visitors to participate. 4-H’ers and volunteer beekeepers entered beekeeping projects and honey at the Lake County Fair to enhance their beekeeping experience and share it with the regional community. The sustainable benefits of these investments are expected to contribute to the project’s success for years to come.

Mitchell Museum of the American Indian: Indigenous Medicine & Pollinator Garden Programs

The goal of this project was to develop programs from the garden to help share with and educate the public and local schools on the traditional Indigenous ecological knowledge, environmental conservation, and practices of food sovereignty. The Judy Beck grant supported the early growing season, acquisition of supplies, and removal of invasive species, laying the groundwork for future expansion and educational programs. The Mitchell Museum was able to introduce mini garden tours as part of school and community group tours. The project successfully created an informative spreadsheet detailing plants in the garden, traditional uses, and identification information, forming the foundation for future educational initiatives.

Glenview Community Church Nursery School (GCCNS): Rainbow Garden

The goal of this project was to provide children ages 2-6 education on the benefits of gardening through hands-on exploration and sensory input, with the additional benefit of supporting community service through garden donations to the food pantry. With the support of this grant, GCCNS was able to purchase the seeds, tools, and garden supports for garden beds. The Rainbow Garden successfully engaged over 100 preschool students and 18 teachers. The project yielded a sensory garden and resulted in a harvest including carrots, peas, swiss chard, and herbs which were donated to the Northfield Township Food Pantry.

The Grove: Grove Green Girls Program and Community Outreach

In 2022, the restoration team at The Grove launched an expanded volunteer program that incorporated more community involvement. In 2023, the team sought to develop two volunteer groups: Grove Green Girls and The Enclave at The Grove. The Grove Green Girls group empowers young women through exploration of nature and fostering personal and professional development. The Enclave group contributes to land clearing and planting for habitat restoration. The Judy Beck Grant funded supplies and tools that optimized volunteer work and provided a variety of restoration opportunities including activities for a wider range of people.

Park Center Preschool: Discovery and Learning through Multicultural Play Project

The objective for this project was to create an inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of a diverse student body. The Judy Beck Grant aided in the purchase of multicultural items such as books, dolls, puppets, puzzles, CDs, world carpets and toys, and helped procure in-house visitors with cultural items, experiences, dress and instruments. The project was successfully completed in mid-June and the preschool has strategically distributed the supplies across their classrooms.

The Grove: Birding with Friends

This project seeks to increase accessibility to birdwatching through investment in equipment and guides for interpretation during guided bird-watching walks at The Grove. The Birding with Friends project created public programming including the teachings of the basics of bird watching. The Birding with Friends project achieved success during guided bird walks and special programs, such as Migratory Bird Day and Grandparent’s Day Bird Walk. The grant facilitated the purchase of high-quality binoculars, colorful waterproof bird identification booklets, and bird call/sound identification equipment for The Grove to make these programs possible.