get a great workout while having fun at park center!

The Glenview Park District’s 12,500 square foot main gym in Park Center offers basketball and pickleball open gym throughout the entire year.

rules & policies of park center courts

  • Participants must bring their own equipment
  • Monthly schedules are available at the Park Center front desk, fitness desk, gym desk and online. Schedules are ongoing and subject to change.
  • Entrance for scheduled open gym (pickleball and basketball) includes:
    • Check in at Gym desk
    • Adult Basketball & Pickleball – Open Gym Punch Card is required. Scroll down to find punch card fees and how to purchase or renew.
    • Youth Open Gym – Open Gym Punch Card highly encouraged. Cash payment for youth open is fitness members $0 / residents $10 / non-residents $15
  • Entrance for unscheduled gym time (aka Empty Gym) includes:
    • Check in at Fitness desk
    • Payment will be collected members $0 / residents $10 / non-residents $15
    • Some age restrictions may apply
      • Children aged 10 and under must be accompanied by a guardian (age 18+) at all times
      • Youth 11-13 must be accompanied by a guardian (age 18+) at all times.  Ratio 1 adult/ 4 youth
      • Youth 14-15 must be accompanied by a guardian (age 18+) at all times.  Ratio 1 adult/ 4 youth
      • 16 and older are permitted to use the basketball courts without a guardian

park center gym schedule

cash in on savings by getting an open gym pass

Purchase new passes at Park Center front desk or Fitness desk. Passes expire 12 months from purchase date. Passes are non-transferable.

Already had a punch card? Renew online with the link below. Refer to the simple directions here

purchase a new pass → 
renew your pass → 

pass type resident nonresident

5 punch card

$30 ($6/visit) $40 ($8/visit)

10 punch card

$60 ($6/visit) $80 ($8/visit)

20 punch card

$120 ($6/visit) $160 ($8/visit)

5 punch card

resident $30 ($6/visit)
nonresident $40 ($8/visit)

10 punch card

resident $60 ($6/visit)
nonresident $80 ($8/visit)

20 punch card

resident $120 ($6/visit)
nonresident $160 ($8/visit)

Indoor Track

Park Center’s three-lane, one-eighth mile indoor track encircles the perimeter of the Main Gym and can be accessed from the 2nd floor. It is free for all residents and Park Center Health and Fitness members. Swipe your park district ID card for entry to the track. Don’t have a park district ID card? Stop by the fitness or Park Center front desks and bring proof of residency. Nonresidents may purchase a track pass. For questions please call the fitness desk at 847-657-3249.

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