Thanks for the Memories

Reflections from our Ice Show Alumni

As the curtain rises on the Glenview Community Ice Center’s 50th Ice Show, “Golden Blades Through the Decades,” a wave of nostalgia is sweeping across the rink! We are thrilled to welcome back our alumni skaters who are representing every decade from the past 50 years. We caught up with several of them who share their cherished memories and reveal what inspired them to lace up their skates and return to the ice.

Come watch them skate to a Backstreet Boys/N’Sync medley on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 17, 18 & 19.

Madison Blinick

Madison lives in Northbrook. She still skates and teaches skating. She is a Learn to Skate Instructor at the Glenview Community Ice Center.

Shows participated in: Skate Like a Star, Dreams Come True, Magic Does too, Toe Pick Times, Rockin’ with the Pop Stars, No Batteries Included, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Skate Chicago and Disney Themed.

Favorite Memory? The Glenview Community Ice Center was and still is my happy place. Being a Glenview Blade is my best memory.

Advice for the next generation: I would tell young skaters to keep practicing and one day they will do a solo in the show.

Karen Blomberg

Karen lives in Glenview and remains active in the sport of figure skating. She recently competed nationally in the Adult Masters Intermediate Novice level this past April at her first U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships in Cleveland, Ohio. Karen is excited to skate in the alumni number with her daughter Meghan. She is also performing as a soloist to the song, “You’re Still the One.”

Ice show years: All shows from Spring 1975-Spring 1989.

Favorite memory: The thrill of getting ready for shows and skating with all my friends growing up. And of course, watching Meghan enjoy the same in the shows from 2010-2022.

How has figure skating shaped your life? The discipline of classic figures taught me the value of practice, patience, perseverance and continuing to learn new skills.

Advice for the next generation: Enjoy all of it! Hug your parents and thank them for letting you participate. Keep skating!!

Kathleen Christell

  1. After “hanging up her skates” in 1998, Kathleen was recruited to represent the Indiana University Figure Skating team from 2005-2009. Kathleen lives in Glenview . Two of her three duaghters are also in this year’s show, and Kathleen is thrilled to perform with them. “It is humbling to lace up the skates after 15 years of retirement but a fun challenge,” she says.Ice show years: 1991-1998

    Favorite Memory? My solo in 1998 as George of the Jungle with Dana Goldstein who now coaches some of my girls’ classes!

    How has figure skating shaped your life? I think it’s important to learn to work hard on yourself by yourself! I learned a lot about developing an individual work ethic through solo skating and a lot about teamwork through my years of involvement with The Blades and IU synchro teams!

    Advice for the next generation: Just have a blast!!!! It’s alllllll just for fun!

Della Carlsen

Della lives in Mundelein and is looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Shows participated in: Toe Pick Times, Batteries Not Included, Rockin’ with the Pop Stars, The Wonderful Wizard of Ice, New York Skate of Mind, and Hollywood Skate of Fame.

How has figure skating shaped your life? “Toni time” has been engraved in my head. Wherever I go, I have to be early because if I show up on time then I’m late!

How does it feel to be back on the ice? It feels amazing being able to come back and skate with these people again. Being here brings back so many great memories from when we were kids.