2024 Judy Beck Grant Recipients Announced

Five community organizations and groups have been awarded a total of $7,745 to support regional environmental and conservation projects, thanks to the annual Judy Beck Grant.

Cool Learning Experience was awarded $5,000

Cool Learning Experience was formed as an anti-poverty initiative providing science-based environmental education and activities for kids during days off of school when parents are working. This grant funding will support a spring break program designed to teach middle school students about the Pike-Root Watershed, nearby lakefront ravines and watershed advocacy. This program will illuminate an often-overlooked aspect of the local environment, recognizing its significance and devising strategies for preservation and enhancement for ongoing environmental stewardship.

Greener Glenview was awarded $1,000

Greener Glenview is a not-for-profit with a mission to protect and enhance the environment, both natural and built, for ourselves and future generations. The group plans to use this funding to host a Clean Energy Technology & Conservation Fair (identified as a “working” title by a project team member). This event’s aim will be to educate the public on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money on energy costs and create a more healthful home environment through electrification of our energy supply, homes and cars.

Greener Glenview was awarded a second grant in the amount of $845

A second proposal was submitted by Greener Glenview to support their Neighborhood Ambassador Program. This project aims to grow the number of native gardens in Glenview landscapes by harnessing the power of neighbor-to-neighbor contact. The project’s ultimate goal of Glenview being named the second Illinois municipality to achieve certification as a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat. This project began in 2023 with the support of the Judy Beck Grant.

Mitch Ransdell was awarded $400

This award will support a local volunteer project affectionately named “River Rats Cleanup”. A staff member at The Grove, Mitch noticed the vast amount of garbage in the Des Plaines river while on a hike. He and a friend loaded their car with wet boots, pitchforks and milk crates and headed to Camp Pine Woods to begin cleaning the area up. The trash has included items dating to the 1940s and has become an eyesore for those taking recreation in the area, and an impediment to local wildlife. Having finished cleaning the Camp Pine Woods section, Mitch plans to lead volunteers to continue the work along the North Branch of the Chicago River.

Boy Scout Troop 55 was awarded $500

Boy Scout Group 55 was founded in 1926 and is the oldest troop in Glenview. This funding will be used for tree seedling distribution at Glenview Summer Fest. Through this outreach, they hope to encourage the growth of trees in Glenview through awareness and education around the environmental benefits of having more trees within the community. The cost of the grant will help support the purchase of 200-250 tree seedlings, pots, soil and printing for informational materials.


In 2020, The Beck Family Foundation and Hurvis Family launched the Judy Beck Grant program to support generations of
new conservation leaders to continue the great work and legacy of building and strengthening our local community.

A dedicated environmentalist, Judy Beck served as a park board commissioner for 32 years, and was a village natural resources commissioner and member of the Glenview/Glencoe League of Women Voters. In addition to her local leadership, Judy also worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 30 years, served as the Illinois Association of Park Districts (IAPD) Board President in 1994 and was named IAPD Commissioner of the Year in 1996.