pickleball reservations

New this year we will be implementing a trial reservation system for pickleball from the day after Memorial Day to the day before Labor Day. Some advantages include:


The reservation system will give Glenview residents priority access to book the courts a week in advance for free, and will charge a nominal reservation fee for nonresidents to book one day in advance. This will provide wider access and benefit to our tax paying residents.


The district has received feedback from residents and new players that the courts are always full. Reservations will increase access for players who may not be familiar or comfortable with the “racking” system of play that regular players use.


Neighbors surrounding Flick Park have indicated that the pickleball court noise is negatively impacting them. The park district has installed sound mitigation curtains, and a reservation may also help reduce the noise between games and during operational hours.

how to reserve a court

The reservation system will be in effect from the day after Memorial Day to the day before Labor Day at 4 of the 6 dedicated pickleball courts at Flick Park. All other outdoor courts will be available for drop-in play. Reservations will be available through the CourtReserve website or by downloading the CourtReserve app on your smart phone. See further down this page for step-by-step instructions, or click below to preview the process of making reservations via desktop computer.

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pickleball expansion

Pickleball continues to be an expanding sport and in high demand in Glenview! In Spring 2023, four new dedicated pickleball courts were opened on the northern end of Gallery Park. The Glenview Park District is currently undergoing a feasibility study to explore site locations for expanding pickleball courts. This process will include public meetings and a survey so we can hear more from you about what you would like to see.

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Reservations are an added option at Flick Park, but are not required – if a court is not reserved, the court will be available for open play.


You can make and cancel reservations using the CourtReserve app from your smartphone, or from a desktop computer. To make a reservation, you must first create an account. To use your phone, download the CourtReserve app from your app store. When you open the app, search for “Glenview Park District Pickleball” to begin your account set up. To use your computer, click here.

Reservations are limited to 1 hour per person, per day. Reservations can be made up until four hours before the start of a timeslot. Pickleball players/groups may not reserve consecutive blocks of time without prior written consent of Park District staff. Reservations are free for Glenview Park District residents and Park Center Health and Fitness Members. Nonresidents who are not Park Center Health and fitness Members will be charged a fee of $18 per hour.

  • Residents – reservations can be made 7 days in advance
  • Park Center Health and Fitness Members – reservations can be made 6 days in advance
  • Nonresidents who are not Fitness Members – reservations can be made 24 hours in advance

To Set Up Your Account: 

  • Click “Create Account”
  • Complete required fields
  • A Glenview Park District staff member will assign resident or membership status, if applicable, within 1-2 business days
  • You will receive an email notification after your account is approved, and account becomes active

How to Reserve an Open Court Time:

  1. Click “Book a Court”
  2. App: slide the screen left to right to view dates and times available for selection; Desktop: choose date by using the arrows (top left), or by clicking the date at the top-left portion of the page
  3. Available timeframes will show the word “reserve,” select an open timeframe to create a reservation, then click “Save” at the bottom of the screen to confirm the reservation
  4. You will receive an email confirmation

How to Cancel a Reservation:

  1. App: select the menu icon at the bottom-right portion of your screen; Desktop: click on the menu icon at the top-right portion of your screen a web browser (three lines)
  2. Find date & time of upcoming reservation you wish to cancel, click “Details” button on the right
  3. Click red “Cancel Reservation” button on the reservation details screen
  4. Click “Cancel Reservation” on the next page to confirm the cancellation

The park district has 21 outdoor pickleball courts, 10 of which are dedicated courts and 11 dual-lined tennis/pickleball courts.

The park district also has 7 indoor courts at Park Center – 6 within the main gym and 1 within the mini gym. Courts are available for rental and fees can be found here. Park Center also has open gym times, published information can be found here.

Indoor courts are set up in the Park Center main gym during designated pickleball open gym time for a nominal fee for anyone to drop in during designated hours and try out this great sport. Beginners are welcome! New open gym hours are posted each month here.

Indoor pickleball court reservations can be made at Park Center for year-round play. To rent a court, call the Vicki Parsons at (224) 521-2565. Fees and more information can be found here.

Did you know, the Glenview Park District is designated as an official club for USA Pickleball, the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the US and provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings & more? It’s true! If you’re interested in signing up for a beginners league or tournament, visit our programs page and use the category filter on the left-hand menu to filter programs by “pickleball” to view all current offerings.

pickleball FAQs

Spring Shoulder Season: March 16 to day before Memorial Day (nets available, subject to weather conditions)
Prime Season: Memorial Day to Labor Day
Fall Shoulder Season: day after Labor Day to November 30 (nets available, subject to weather conditions)
Off Season: December 1 to March 15
(limited nets available, subject to weather conditions)

Flick Park dedicated pickleball courts will only be open for the following hours during Prime Season:

  • 7 a.m. to sunset (8:30 p.m.) on weekdays
  • 8 a.m. to sunset (8:30 p.m.) on weekends
  • Sunrise to sunset on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day (open play only – no reservations)

During all other seasons, dedicated courts at Flick Park will be open 7 days a week, dawn to sunset. All other pickleball courts, including dual-lined courts at Flick Park, are open 7 days per week, dawn to sunset during all seasons. Courts may be locked during closed hours.

For Flick Park’s dedicated courts – the southwest and southeast gates will be open to provide two points of ingress/egress during hours of play. Outside of the hours of play, the six-court dedicated bank will be locked and play will be prohibited.

All other outdoor District pickleball courts will remain unlocked year-round.

If you are on the courts during hours of play, both the southeast and southwest gates will be unlocked to allow for two points of ingress/egress. If you are on the courts when the gates are locked, there is a green button that can be pressed to open the southeast gate from the inside. Glenview Police and Fire Departments have access to a “Knox Box” (a locked box with keys inside for the adjacent facility) outside the gates with keys to unlock the gates if needed in case of any emergency.

Yes, staff will post rules to govern the use of Park District courts. Pickleball players will self-monitor the rules and use of courts. For the reservation system at Flick Park, if players cannot resolve issues, they can utilize the District contact information listed.

(in priority order)

  1. Glenview Park District programming, activities, leagues, tournaments and rentals have priority use of courts
  2. School District 34 (Gallery Park only)
  3. Players with reservations made through Court Reserve App (Flick Park only)
  4. ‘Racked Up/Paddle Saddle’ Players (players must be present while paddle is racked up)
  5. Drop-In Players

Drop-in play is available at all outdoor courts except for the four dedsignated courts and Flick Park which will be available for reservations. If no reservations are made, the courts will be available for drop-in play.

Yes, a racking system utilizing either the paddle saddle or the tennis rack-up unit is available at the outdoor courts.

Reservations are not required but are available for 4 of the dedicated courts at Flick Park during prime season only. If a pickleball court is not in use, it may be used for drop-in/open play. The courts will be available for open play on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

All other outdoor courts are drop-in/open play.

Reservations are limited to 1 hour per person, per day. Pickleball players/groups may not reserve consecutive blocks of time without prior written consent of Park District staff

Reservation fees for a one-hour court rental at Flick Park dedicated courts are:
Free – resident or fitness center member
$18/hour – nonresident or nonmember
Drop-In Rates
Drop-in Players will not be assessed a fee

Residents’ taxpayer dollars support the Park District, and offering this service to our residents is priority. The fees collected from nonresident reservations will be used for maintenance and growth of our programs.

Reservations at Flick are available the day after Memorial Day until the day before Labor Day, with the exception of Independence Day. Please note that reservations are closed for any time within 4 hours of when you login to reserve a court.
a. Residents – 7 days in advance
b. Fitness Center Members – 6 days in advance (resident or nonresident)
c. Nonresidents – 24 hours in advance (nonmember/nonresident)

Any questions about Court Reserve can be directed to pickleball@glenviewparks.org.

• 5-visit pass: $30 resident/$40 nonresident
• 10-visit pass: $60 resident/$80 nonresident
• 20-visit pass: $120 resident/$160 nonresident
*Passes expire 12 months from purchase date. Passes are non-transferable.

Yes, we offer lessons to all levels. Lessons are offered throughout the year.

During Prime Season, Flick Park’s dedicated pickleball courts will be open for play beginning at 7 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on weekends and will stay open until sunset (8:30 p.m.). These later summer start times are designed to reduce early morning noise due to the courts’ close proximity to neighboring homes. Dual-lined courts will be open from sunrise to sunset.

This year will be the first year a reservation system is used for our outdoor pickleball courts and will be a trial year. Flick Park was selected as the location for this trial due to the following reasons:

  • The park has the most pickleball courts of any of our parks with 6 dedicated courts and 2 dual-line courts, providing the ability to offer both reservations and open play within the park.
  • Neighbors and residents have specifically cited Flick Park as a location where courts are always full and they would like to, but are unable to play.
  • Neighbors alongside the park have shared feedback that they have been negatively impacted by the noise level; to this end the park district has installed sound mitigation curtains and has enacted a later opening time for play during summer. A reservation system may also help to reduce the noise between games and during operational hours.
  • The pickleball courts at Flick Park meet all criteria set forth by the Park Board for implementing guidelines or play restrictions

The Park District believes open play opportunities are an important offering for the community. If the courts are not reserved, they will be available for open play.

When the following conditions are all met, the Park District will implement guidelines including hours of operation and play restrictions:

  1. The bank of courts is five or more courts
  2. Courts are dedicated pickleball courts
  3. Pickleball courts are within 75 feet of a resident’s house
  4. Pickleball courts are not buffered by a roadway, other mitigating structure, landscape barrier or other factor

At the March 23, 2023 Park Board Meeting, the Park Board voted yes to approve the Pickleball Annual Special Policies and Pricing for 2023, which will expand access to pickleball play for Glenview residents. The reservation system was suggested during a presentation at the November 10, 2022 Park & Facility Services/Environmental Committee of the Whole. The details of the new policies and reservation system were discussed in more detail at the January 31 and March 15 Special Revenue Facilities Committee Meetings.