Get Back to Summer Traditions

Article submitted by Glenview Resident Colin Hart


Are you looking for a fun summer activity that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than Jackman Park, where concerts are hosted every Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 p.m.!


The Bearfoot Concerts in the Park series is back this year, thanks to the support of the Glenview/Northbrook Kiwanis Club. The nine concerts in the series feature a roster of local artists performing a variety of genres. On June 16th, Dancing Queen, an ABBA tribute band, performed for a full capacity audience of 150 residents. When a crowd of young listeners began dancing in front of the performers, the lead singer cheerfully expressed her gratitude for the enthusiasm. “They didn’t tell us before the show that you all practiced your choreography!” she said.

Among the families in attendance was the Jenkins family, who began attending in years prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, when concerts were canceled. Jack and Lindsey Jenkins said they love attending with their kids, Ryan and Parker, because the environment and the music provide a fun experience. “It’s fun to have a standing date on the calendar when we can do something as

a family. We love introducing the kids to live music,” Lindsey said. Jack agreed, describing the concert experience as a “super welcoming environment, and a great way to meet neighbors.”

In addition to the music itself, Lindsey said she loves taking the kids to the park before the concerts begin.

Also in attendance was the Batrich family, consisting of three generations: grandparents Bob and Monica, their daughter Lindsey, and their grandchildren Abigail, Nolan and Nicholas. Lindsey said the family came

 across the concerts one day and ended up loving them because they provide a screen-free experience that the whole family can enjoy. “It’s a great reason for the family to get together without cell phones and enjoy the music,” she said. “It really is a multi-generational experience, one that has something to offer for everyone.”

Lindsey said her favorite aspects of the concerts are “the music, the people, the weather… everything!”

Paula Green, a longtime attendee of the concerts, began going to them in 1976 with her husband and their friends. As time progressed, she began attending them with her eldest grandson Ryan, and then the rest of her 7 grandchildren as well as her own kids. The concerts have become a long-standing tradition that is very special to her and her family. On June 23rd, Paula started the evening by having dinner on her patio with her youngest daughter, grandkids, and their friends. Then they waked to Jackman Park to enjoy their family tradition. “The kids have such a good time. The little ones were just dancing and running around and it was so cute,” Paula said about the cherished experience. During the concert, the girls took a short break to get ice cream from the Dairy Bar, another long-standing staple of Glenview.

One aspect of the concerts that Paula appreciates is the kindness of the community members who attend. “Everybody is so friendly. There’s just so much camaraderie and happiness,” she said. “There’s so much goodness to be found here.”



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